We have been operating on the transport market since 2000. Our specialization is transport, especially international transport. Having the satisfaction of our clients in mind, we strive to provide services of the highest standard.
Our company has a modern fleet built of a new generation of tractor units and lorries equipped with technologically advanced control and navigation devices.

We place great emphasis on the professionalism and training of the staff employed as well as the modernity and the appropriate quality of the transport and service base. Our advantage is reliability, timeliness, and competence of our employees.
We provide a full range of road transport services, we have all licenses for international and domestic transport.


unit + trailer (jumbo up to 40 GVM, 100m3) – 32 items
unit + trailer (standard up to 40 GVM, 85m3) – 50 items
lorry + trailer (double deck swap body up to 40 GVM, 90m3) – 2 items
unit + trailer (small volume up to 25 GVM, 100m3) – 18 items
lorry (up to 3.5 GVM, 20m3) – 50 items
car for transporting people (9 places) – 4 items
unit + fuel tanker (20,000 litres) – 1 item
unit + fuel tanker (32,000 litres) – 1 item
lorry + fuel tanker (10,000 litres) – 1 item
lorry for transporting bulk materials (40 GVM) – 2 items
road assistance (10.5 GVM) – 1 item
unit + low loader trailer (up to 40 GVM) – 1 item

Import, Export, Express


Tax identification number


Entry in the National Business Registry


Transport license for the carriage of goods


The company's field of activity is to provide a full range of transportation, forwarding, and logistics services on an international scale. In 2004, the company expanded its business to include retail fuel sales.


P.W. Romix Sp. z o.o.

Address ul. Główna 56, Żodyń, 64-212 Siedlec

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